Our focus on venture capital

Back in 1999 and starting our student career, we had the ideas, time and passion for starting useful web projects. What we were short of, was some seed money for paying for elementary things like internet connection, software, hardware, hosting and domains. Our projects never fit in a business plan as they were not intended to start as a business but evolved into one. We never had the intent to meet with a venture capital firm.

Things have changed in 2006. Our ideas have developed into businesses with cash flows and now we try to find passionate people working hard on their own ideas. Ideas on the brink to evolve into ventures. If your ideas touch the fields of internet, gaming or new media then we should talk. You may have the chance to meet with venture capitalists interested in funding your startup company.

Early stage investment portfolio

We have invested early stage capital in these startup companies.

Reservationssystem für die Gastronomie
Geo: CH
Restaurant Plattform
Geo: CH, DE
Blankpage AG
Digital Publishing Solutions
Geo: Worldwide
Geo: DE, CH, AT
Shadow Government
Social Mobile Game
Geo: Worldwide
Self publishing
Geo: Worldwide
Geo: Worldwide
Legalisierung der Haushaltshilfe
Geo: CH
Domo Safety
A safer home
Geo: CH, Europe
Social Network SaaS
Geo: Worldwide
Personal Fonts
Geo: Worldwide
Quality health content
Geo: Worldwide
Virt. Stadtrundgang
Geo: CH, AT, (DE)
3D Visualization
Geo: CH, DE, AT
Geo: Worldwide
Geo: DE, CH, AT

Startups looking for investors

These projects and startups are looking for investors. Whether you are a business angel, a private investor or a venture capital fund you can contact the entrepreneurs directly. Contact us (info@3wventures.com) if you want your project listed.

spontane Fussballfelder
Genre: Sport, Art, Culture
Genre: Mathematics, Science, Art

About us

3wVentures is located in Switzerland and backed by Yves Latour and Arvin Zuberbuehler.

Yves Latour
Founding partner
Arvin Zuberbuehler
Founding partner


If you want to contact us as a potential VC investor please do it here.

For any other requests use email (use English or Deutsch):

Latour & Zuberbühler GmbH
Oberdorfstrasse 124
9100 Herisau


Send in your proposal

Upcoming financing round and looking for VC?

If you are planning to raise money in the near future then click here in order to find out how your startup could become included in our venture capital portfolio.

For early stage investors

Looking for VC co-investment opportunities?

If you are looking for early stage investments alongside with some more experienced investors then you might be interested in some venture capital co-investment opportunities.

Seed money

Seed money to develop an idea to a prototype

We only invest seed money in internet or new media startups located in Switzerland preferably situated in the Zurich area. Our typical seed investments range from CHF 25'000 up to CHF 250'000.

Venture capital

Early stage venture capital to build up a business

We basically invest venture capital in internet, new media, cleantech, medtech or other startups located preferably in Switzerland. As a co-investor we might not mind to invest internationally, though. Our typical early stage investments range from CHF 50'000 up to CHF 500'000.


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